Phase III Superior Street Reconstruction Project to kick off on April 6

Phase III of the Superior Street Reconstruction project will begin on April 6. Signs will be posted throughout the project area on Monday, March 30. Barricades will be in place on the morning of April 6, and traffic will no longer have access to the project site.

“Construction workers are performing an essential service as outlined by both Governor Walz and the Federal Government,” said Mayor Emily Larson. “Being able to stay on course with this project for this construction season provides critical jobs at family sustaining wages and gives confidence to our downtown and business community that our work continues. Completing Superior Street on time is important for meeting our budget, and it signals our belief that bigger, brighter and better days are ahead for Duluth. This project, in addition to the roadwork the City of Duluth will be doing this year, provides optimism about our shared future. We are a city that believes in ourself.”

Work crews will be implementing best practices for health and safety while continuing the vital work of rebuilding the infrastructure of Duluth. “We are pleased to see the project moving forward as planned,” said Kristi Stokes, Greater Downtown Council president. “With many of our businesses closed or at reduced staffing due to Covid-19, the start of construction will have a limited impact on them. It will be a welcomed sign that progress continues in our downtown.”

The project will have two phases. The first phase will include the Lake Avenue and Superior Street intersection to the east side of 3rd Avenue West. Avenues will be closed from north of Michigan Street through the alley between Superior Street and 1st Avenue West. Due to the Coronavirus, weekly in-person meetings will be postponed, and a conference call will take the place of those meetings until further notice. The first meeting will be held on April 21 at 10:00 a.m.

Weekly updates will be provided on Wednesdays. Anyone can sign up for those newsletters by entering your email address here and selecting Superior Street. Please note that in addition to signing up for these updates, you will also need to accept a confirmation email that will come from the City to begin receiving those updates. Those who are interested can also follow along on the progress of the project by visiting the project’s Facebook page.

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