Wabasha Port Authority and Eagle Watch, Inc.

National Eagle Center

A Top-Flight Experience

The National Eagle Center was founded to educate the public about the American bald eagle — as well as its habitat, preservation efforts, and the symbolic role of the species in Native American culture and the U.S. military. The 15,000-square-foot facility, located on a riverbank site in downtown Wabasha, MN, attracts thousands of visitors every year, and includes a living aviary, environmental exhibits, classrooms, an auditorium, indoor and outdoor viewing spaces, restrooms, and a gift shop.


Historic access

The National Eagle Center draws visitors to historic downtown Wabasha and provides public access to the Mississippi River and several recreational trails. The building views are oriented towards the river for the benefit of the resident eagles and human visitors. A viewing platform enhances the visitor experience, providing a change to see birds in flight.


Place-based Design

The vision for the National Eagle Center was born out of a unique ecosystem, a unique community, and a group of dedicated environmental stewards who wanted to honor one of nature’s most majestic creatures. The center’s design reflects the fabric of the city and its riverside location. Brick detailing and craftsmanship echo the character of Wabasha’s historic downtown buildings.