Mahtomedi Public Schools

Wildwood Elementary School

Primary Fun

Mahtomedi Public Schools was in need of a new primary school that had greater capacity and met the current needs of the education system. This project was designed to accommodate a student population of 600. The 84,000 building allowed the expansion of all-day kindergarten, early childhood, 3-K, 4-K, and Pre-K special needs education programs. The project was designed to meet LEED Silver cerification.

Project Type New construction
Location Mahtomedi, MN
Completion Date July 2013
Managing daylight is as critical if not more critical than providing it.

Orientated for optimal educational daylight

Predominantly north facing windows to provide natural daylight in classrooms and reduce issues of glare and direct sunlight. Primary east west axis to the building to reduce solar gain and reduce energy costs. The public use spaces are on the south side and separated from the academic areas for ease of afterschool use.

Maximizing the flexibility of space with fold away stage platforms.

Murphy Stage

The cafeteria and gym were both designed for maximum flexibility including a couple of features that are a little out of the norm. There is a “Murphy” style stage that folds up into the wall to reduce square footage and maximize flexibility of floor use in both the gym and the cafeteria. The movable wall in the gym has multiple tracks and can divide the gym into 4 different sizes.

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